4oz Coastal Cliffs Candle

Evergreen Acres


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Soy candles, hand poured in Sterling Alaska

Coastal Cliffs - transports you to a hill top overlooking the summer seas. Sea salt and ozone, citrus, and fresh jasmine.
Scent Components:
~ Citrus
~ jasmine

My candles are hand-poured and made from high quality soy, beautiful long-lasting fragrances that you’ll smell through the entire burn time and are decorated with dried botanicals (many from my own garden) and crystals.

Each one is handmade by me, so yours may not look exactly as it does in the photos - it will be very similar though.

Candle care

Never, ever burn a candle unattended.

You can extend the life of your candle and avoid that sooty look by following a few simple steps:

• Always trim the wick to about 5mm and remove any debris from the candle (such as wick trimmings or matches)

• The first burn is the most important! Candles have a ‘memory’ and the first time its lit make sure you burn it long enough for the wax to liquefy right to the edge of the container. Once the candle has formed a memory you will not get any-tunneling or wax residue around the sides for the life of the candle

• Store your candle in a dark, cool place with the lid on to protect them from dust.