The Great One - Wood Block by Artist Francois Girard


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The Great One by Alaskan artist Francois Girard is a 5" x 8" wood block.

There are few things more mysterious, haunting, and romantic than the sound of an owl at dusk or in the pitch dark of night. My last experience was listening to one right outside my front door. It was so dark that I could barely make out its form. In the woods behind my house, I could hear its partner calling. The one in front of me would call back in response. I watched and listened in amazement as this marvel of nature unfolded. Ten minutes passed when suddenly the owl spread its wings and silently disappeared into the deeper forest. Silence settled amongst the trees, only the slight, faint scraping of tree trunks keeping rhythm to the soft breeze. 

This piece comes with a hole in the back so its ready to hang! “Bird Blocks” add color and beauty to small spaces. 5” x 8” “Bird Blocks” look great in clusters hung on the wall or are free standing. 

All the Blocks are handmade by the artist. The image is printed with archival ink on archival 100% cotton paper and adhered to a beautiful piece of 3/4" deep poplar wood using archival methods. The image will not fade for over a 150 years if kept out of direct sunlight. After the print is mounted two different UV varnishes are used to protect the surface. This gives the piece a wonderful smooth satin surface.

To ensure your blocks bring you many years of enjoyment, please follow these suggestions:
Handle blocks on the sides to ensure no damage occurs to the image.
Keep out of direct sunlight.
Dust with a soft cloth.