Alaska Wild Birch Water


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Birch water is the delightful springtime sap of Alaska birch trees. It is wild harvested, high in minerals and has no added sweetener. Three choices: Lingonberry, Blueberry Lime, Chaga Lemon. Wild harvested in Alaska.

*Birch water will freeze in super cold temperatures.  If we determine that it is not safe to ship, we will contact you.

Birch water is the pure springtime sap of wild Alaska birch trees tapped on our homestead near Talkeetna, Alaska. Birch water, filtered through the tree, contains 1% naturally occurring sugars and an abundance of minerals. Traditionally used as a spring tonic, the sap is refreshing, energizing and hydrating. Lightly infused with wild harvested goods from our woods, it embodies the Alaskan forest and the rejuvenating energy of our welcome spring. It is bottled with a hint of one of our three wild harvested flavors: Lingonberry, Blueberry Lime and Chaga Lemon. Made with birch sap harvested from wild birch trees near Talkeetna, Alaska.