Knitted Fleece Hat - Brown


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The Buff Knitted Fleece Solid Hat is knitted and incorporates a fleece band to keep you warm on cold days. It is perfect for protection during outdoor activities when temperatures drop and you need to maintain body temperature and comfort. Enjoy an active life with the best protection thanks to PrimaLoft's advanced technology. Comfort and warm protection against cold insured.

- Knitted fabric
- PrimaLoft Technology
- Fleece fleece band
- Composition: 100% acrylic
- Composition (fleece band): 85% recycled polyester, 15% polyester
- Sizes: a single size that fits most adults
- Dimensions: 24 x 21.5 cm
- Weight: 45 g
- Handwash

- PrimaLoft
Superior quality insulation for intense activities in cold climates.
This ultra-thin microfibre material is soft and lightweight, with excellent breathability and water repellent characteristics.