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New to CliC® Eyewear Readers?

CliC® Eyewear are comprised of a solid headband that goes around the back of the head and connects to the front eyepieces that attach with  powerful earth magnets on the bridge of the nose. These glasses are one solid piece, they do not fold up. They were created to be worn all day hanging around your neck so that they are always available when you need to read something! No more fishing around for your glasses or perching them on your head where they fall off as soon as you bend over. They are lightweight and convenient, making wearing reading glasses ever so much more pleasant and easy. Put them on in the morning, and at night, hang them on a doorknob or simply put them down on a table. They never sit on the lenses, so no scratching will occur. If you feel a need to pack them when traveling, we have created a hard case to transport the glasses and various other small items, jewlery, watches, camera parts, etc.

CliC® Eyewear Executive Readers are a medium to large size frame, wider than the Men’s Regular If you have a generous sized head please order the Executive Large or the Men’s large XXL. Some Women like this frame also, but bear in mind it is larger.

The lens size is bigger to be able to accommodate a progressive lens to be custom made by your optician, or simply for those who prefer a larger lens.

All CliC® Eyewear products are adjustable for head size. Confused about sizes? See our FAQ’s

Your local optician can make your prescription lenses for this frame.

Frame Width: 142 mm (5 1/2 in)

  • Horizontal Lens: 54mm (2 1/8 in)
  • Vertical Lens: 30mm (1 1/2 in)
  • Nose Bridge: 14mm (5/8 in)
  • Temple/depth: 190mm to 209mm (7 1/2 to 8 1/4 in)