Dolly Vee Dry Bag


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This design is named after the wonderful Dolly Varden fish, common in Alaskan waters. Dolly Vee is colorful, confident and fiesty!

Works as a perfect bag for a day on the water. Great for keeping your gear dry. Fits small personal items needed for a day outside, such as another layer of clothing, hats, towels, and snacks for the day. Alternatively, in hot weather, bring it along as a bag to keep your layers dry as you warm up!

      • Rugged material and waterproof welded seams
      • Easy roll-top closure with top strap for quick access to contents
      • Includes adjustable/removable shoulder strap
      • Zippered front pocket with splash-proof zipper.
      • Size specs:
        • 22L (1342.52 cubic inches)
        • 18″H after a standard 3″-roll x 13″ W x 7 ” Deep.

This bag is splash proof, not 100% watertight. If submerged, contents MAY get wet.