Hills Chalkboard Placemat 12x17


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  • IMAGINE THE POSSIBILITIES this durable long-lasting 12 by 17-inch blackboard placemat will bring to your life. With chalk markers or chalkboard crayons (sold separately) kids entertain themselves. Make dinner time AND happy kids at the same time.
  • DOUBLE DOWN ON YOUR COMMITMENT TO A DEVICE FREE DINNER when kids use these to occupy their time while waiting for a restaurant or meal at home. Reward your little table setters for their work with some time to create before dinner.
  • ATTENTION ADULTS WHO LOVE COLORING AND LETTERING: You can show off your talent and help your dinner guest know what’s on the menu when you use these under serving dishes. Make dinner party guests feel loved by designing a personalized message under their plate.
  • SPICE UP your honey do lists, chore reminders, or notes of encouragement with DIY lettering art work. Post one of these placemats on your refrigerator or keep in a kitchen drawer and you will never have to search for a scrap piece of paper again.
  • DESIGNED TO MAKE CLEAN UP QUICK AND EASY. Create, laugh, enjoy, wet a cloth with water, and wipe the plastic surface clean. Repeat. Fun and entertainment has been made easy!