Iridecent Alaska Maple Leaf Ornament

The Rose Lady


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This gorgeous Silver Maple leaf ornament transforms an ordinary (although admittedly already beautiful) Silver Maple leaf from nature into a treasure by dipping it in metal. This one has the iridescent color, and the look is a triumphant tribute to the bold and beautiful colors of autumn. The light plays on this iridescent finish with golden, coppery, and red hues. It is confusing, but this leaf comes from the "Silver Maple Tree", and then is dipped in metal with the iridescent colors. These look wonderful as an add-on gift by just tying it onto a wrapped gift, or hang these on a Christmas tree. Or, just use these in your decor for a beautiful touch of nature. Made by The Rose Lady, these leaves are generally larger than some of the other variations, and due to the fact these are real leaves, there can be variations in size, shape, and sometimes color.