Lightweight Waterproof Dry Waist Pouch Ocean Gekoflage



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You’ll hardly be able to tell that the Geckobrands Dry Bag Waist Pouch is sitting just on your hips because of its ultra lightweight design. Of course, while this fanny pack-style bag is made to be comfortable and lightweight to wear, it’s also made to keep the items you’re packing away nice and dry. This is ideal if you’re a watersport-loving adventurer and find yourself around the ocean or lakes often, or if you’re a traveler and want to be sure that if you get caught in a downpour that your gear won’t suffer any damage. There is a spacious main compartment that has a roll top closure, and there are also two zippered pockets along the front for packing smaller, easy access items. So, if you want to keep your items dry and safe while you’re out exploring the world, then the Gecko Lightweight Dry Bag Waist Pouch may be just the ticket.

Geckobrands Dry Bag Waist Pouch Features:

  • Ultra lightweight design for optimum comfort
  • 320D Teslon coated interior
  • Spacious main compartment
  • Roll and buckle closure for superior watertight seal
  • Two (2) front zippered pockets for small, easy access items
  • Dual side adjustable hip belt for finding the perfect fit
  • Available in multiple colors and patterns