Marine Mammals of Alaska Field Guide


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Hey! That's a picture of me, Olivia Otter, with my pup Oleg, on the cover of this Marine Mammals' book. In this field guide, Bella Polar Bear, Walter Walrus, Warrick Killer Whale, and sixteen more marine mammals tell you all about our lives in the oceans around Alaska, and you'll learn how we interact, survive the cold waters, who tries to eat us, and so much more. This book even has charts telling how we are related, the names given to groups of us, and what our youngsters are named. (Did you know that a group of polar bears is an aurora, and a baby whale is a calf?) As in all the I Saw It! books, there is a glossary with interesting words used in the book, a checklist to keep track of animals you have seen, and a map showing where each of us lives. All of Alaska's animals are excited about telling you our stories through these amazing books!