The Dora Keens Canvas Print


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Product Description from Meg Smith: This piece is based off an area in the highest part of the Chugach Mountains. Located in southcentral Alaska at the back of College Fjord in the Prince William Sound is an area called the Dora Keens. If you don’t know who Dora Keen is… you should look her up . In 1911, she was the first women to climb a mountain in Alaska. In 1912, when she was forty, Dora Keen was the first person to climb the tallest mountain in the Wrangells, Mt Blackburn. Later she lead an expedition in this part of the Chugach now known as The Dora Keens. I used photographer Charlie Renfro’s gorgeous inspiring photo as a reference for this painting. If you’re a lover of sliding on snow, this ones for you. Personally, I would like to live in this painting.

Meg Smith is a passionate outdoor adventurer who combines her love for Alaskan wilderness and her eye for style to create unique pieces on multiple mediums. She works as a professional graphic designer and fine artist, her business based out of the Chugach Mountains in Alaska.