Polar Gate - Metal Print

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A not too common phenomenon of ice hole (tunnel), located on Alaska's Nelchina Glacier. Usually there is sediment and river rock below the glacier so when the melt season comes the water usually seeps through the river bed.. But this hole is on bed rock so the melt has no where to seep through, so it kinda gets back filled then starts a small tunnel until it gets about this big.. or more.. What started out as a small tunnel barely large enough to crawl  7 yrs ago is no over 50 feet high.  Nature continues to put us in awe...

This photo is an 12" x 18" metal print.

Ed is a landscape and nature photographer currently living in Eagle River, Alaska. After spending 28 years focusing on the defense of his country, his minds eye has always been focused on beauty.  After retirement in 2010 his lovely wife bought him his first DSLR and pushed him out into the great outdoors and he's been having a blast running amuck throughout Alaska, capturing her beauty while trying to stay one step ahead of the bears.

The metal medium allows for high definition and an almost 3-D effect. The inks are dye-infused onto a specially coated aluminum in a 400 degree heat press and sealed with a gemlike UV coating that is both waterproof and scratch resistant.