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Prescient Passage : Policy of Generosity Artful Trucker Hat

Based on Elevate's "Prescient Passage" print, this trucker hat was designed and hand produced in collaboration with Scott Baxter of Aurora Projekt in Juneau, Alaska. The wild Alaskan salmon spawning habitat depicted in the original piece are printed on high quality, heavy duty vinyl and heat pressed on the front of the olive green trucker hat, and includes a salmon stream flowing under the brim, with "Elevate" printed in silver subtly placed in the corner on top of the brim.

Elevate's Policy of Generosity Artful Trucker Hats series includes original designs linked to different local nonprofit organizations actively contributing to the advancement of environmental, educational and societal wellness. Each hat sale includes a donation to an associated nonprofit, resulting in a shared effort toward supporting our community as a community.

10% of each Prescient Passage hat sale is donated to Stand For Salmon in support of their efforts to protect wild salmon habitats and the many lives and livelihoods that depend upon sustainable practices and approaches to salmon fishing in Alaska.

About Stand For Salmon:
“Stand for Salmon is a diverse group of Alaska-based individuals, businesses and organizations who support responsible development and a thriving economy in Alaska. Since 2013, we have been united in taking steps to ensure that Alaska remains the nation’s salmon state for generations to come.
Vital salmon habitat and salmon populations continue to face risk – and the Alaska people and Alaska taxpayers will continue to pay the price if there is no change to responsible development standards in this state.
This campaign remains committed to long term protection for salmon habitat. We know that protecting salmon spawning and rearing habitat is in the best interests of Alaska and we will do whatever it takes, for as long as it takes to ensure those protections.”