Reusable Foam Twist Gear Tie

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Discover this premium reusable garden solution for securing plants and garden structures, training vines, and more. This Reusable Foam Twist Tie features high-quality rubberized foam bonded to the interior wire using our patented bonding process to prevent peeling and ensure optimal durability. Our bonded foamed rubber keeps the foam in place and prevents it from leaving sharp edges when cut. The bendable wire inside holds its shape while the rubberized foam exterior is designed to be gentle on plants, making this Reusable Foam Twist Tie perfect for repositioning as plants grow. UV resistant and waterproof, this Gear Tie is made to last through multiple seasons. Designed from the ground up to meet gardeners' needs - even the packaging is crafted to be easily hung in your gardening area for quick, convenient dispensing of our Reusable Foam Twist Tie.


  • Durable + reusable year after year
  • Won't rot or peel!
  • Cut-to-length design allows for custom sizing
  • Can be cut using household scissors
  • Rubberized foam exterior is gentle on plants
  • Strong wire inside holds its shape
  • Quick and easy to securely attach and detach
  • UV resistant + waterproof
  • Twist it, tie it, reuse it!
  • Includes 20 ft. of Reusable Foam Twist Tie