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Though Seward, Alaska is most alive in summer, wintertime often provides the most brilliant sunrises and sunsets. In this photo, taken from the Seward Waterfront Campground, the breathtaking light of a February sunset casts bands of color over Resurrection Bay.

About the Artist

Brian Wright is an outdoors enthusiast and photographer based in Seward, Alaska. As a longtime kayaker, skier, and climber, Brian has spent much of his life exploring the rugged corners of the wilderness seeking adventure and inspiration. During his first visit to Alaska in 2007, he was amazed by the raw and rugged beauty of the Last Frontier and knew he would one day call this place home. After becoming a father in February 2021, he toned down his pursuit of adrenaline and now spends most of his outdoor time behind the lens of a camera hoping to capture and share his favorite places with the world.