Winter Wonderland Stickers Book


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Kids will be entertained for hours with Usborne Sticker Books! Each 9" x 12" sticker book contains many colorful scenes, ready for adorning with stickers. Christmas includes over 800 stickers for decorating a tree, covering an iceberg with penguins, and more. Bonus gift tags and stickers are also included. Dollhouse has over 100 stickers, including furniture, clothing, pets, toys, and accessories galore to place within the many rooms of the stately dollhouse. Winter Wonderland has over 400 stickers with cute cartoon illustrations of animals playing, snowmen, toys, elves, and Santa. Place them upon the festive winter scenes: shopping for presents, North Pole, toboggan race, skating on a frozen pond, and many more. Stickers can be reused a few times before losing their stickiness. ~ Lisa