Amanda Rose Warren - First Friday May 2021

Amanda Rose Warren / Anchorage, Alaska 

I'm 33 year old mother of 2 boys. Moved here to Alaska like a lot of transplants, at two years old my father was in the army and was stationed from Kansas to AK. 
I’m an Acrylic artist and illustrator of colorful animals and landscapes. (Just published my first book!!) My goal as a creator is to make the viewer smile, spark happiness and give the art a soul full of joy. 

I began painting about 7 years ago after dabbling in custom cakes for friends and family. Self taught but did take a few pottery classes in high school, now I wish I had branched out to more art classes! 

Shortly after putting paint brush to canvas my mother became ill with stage 4 cancer. I wanted to use my painting for not only a creative outlet but to also help with her medical expenses. We started by auctioning pieces on social media which eventually led to getting custom work, pet portraits and a small start of a blooming art career. 

A few years Later, I lost mother and fathers within a month of each other in 2017. It was rough. I used the time to immerse myself into creating and focusing on making the art a full time business. Since then I’ve created many works, and learned to produce all our own paper and canvas prints in studio. I was able to have my husband quit his many jobs to work with me full time. Exciting and scary as that was, we are at 2 years now and looking at expanding more! 

All of this has not been an overnight success, many writ turns, dumb choices, smart ones too! And time. so my first advice would be to be patient (which I honestly hated hearing this when I first began) learn to grow that muscle of patience! 

Another tip is to be a sponge!! Business and creative inspiration is everywhere these days. Take the time to stop and think and evaluate other business that inspire you. How are they winning, how have they won your attention? Words visuals, learn get inspired and put it into your business somehow. Always be learning, You can Google pretty much anything! Don’t let the unknowing stop you from moving forward. 

I love Alaska and everyday I’m blown away by the new talent I see!! New businesses, new creatives it’s awesome! We are an amazing state with views and opportunity for days! 

My favorite time to get inspired is trips to Alaska wildlife center, zoo (really seeing any animals gets me giddy as a little kid) I also tend to get A lot of creative ideas on long road trips with no WiFi, helps disconnect and let your brain settle work through some things that are tangled up in there. Oh except I can’t forget some good podcasts and tunes on the road. I can’t live without a variety of music! 

Come & Meet Amanda THIS Friday (May 7th)
at FTT for our First Friday Art Walk - 6-8pm!

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