Seward Air Tours

Seward Air Tours is your ticket to the unimaginable. Beyond the 4,000 foot tall mountains towering over Seward lies Kenai Fjords National Park and the Harding Icefield. Typically these locations are only accessed by boat or adventurous hikers seeking unprecedented views of the Icefield. But Seward Air Tours gives you access to these remote landscapes in a matter of minutes. Find yourself immersed in a sea of ice and snow upon the Harding Icefield with one of their Glacier Landings, which can be combined with any scenic tour. Our favorite trip is our Bear Glacier Tour with a Glacier Landing, which features a beautiful blue lagoon, icebergs of every shape and size, pristine rocky beaches and pinnacle rocks, and Kenai Fjord's longest glacier. Guests have described this experience as "transformative" and we hear from guests all the time, "this made our whole trip to Alaska". You have to see it to believe it. 

Joey Smith is Seward Air Tours’ Owner, Pilot and Mechanic. With over a decade of Alaska flight experience, and over 18 years of total flying and aircraft maintenance experience, Joey will ensure your flight is fun, unique and most importantly, safe. A Minnesota native, Joey moved to Alaska 14 years ago, and has been with Seward Air Tours since 2018. His admiration for Seward and the surrounding area has only grown. With a heart for adventure fueled by curiosity, he continues to explore the peninsula with zeal, and is eager to share it with you.

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