Training Smokey to Deliver eCommerce Packages!

Our eCommerce site launches in 10 days! In anticipation of September 4th, we have been training Smokey to help us deliver packages! Here is a quick rundown of how things have been going:
Day 1 of training in the water was a huge success!
Day 2 of training did not go so well; there seemed to be an issue with the bonus program agreed upon, and we were not providing the correct treats. Immediate protest and strike.
Day 3 was outfitting Smokey in a uniform made up of the Ruffwear approach pack and dog booties from John Cooper of Kipmik in Anchorage. Ultimately another successful day!
Day 4 was boat training! Big thanks to Seward Ocean Excursions for helping us out. Smokey was so excited that he jumped into the water before even getting on the boat. Eventually he got on, relaxed, and we are happy to report he is now ready for boat deliveries!
In the upcoming days before the launch, we have scheduled kayak training and plane training! Be sure to check back here and also our Facebook page to get updates and videos on Smokey's training.
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