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Helping out fellow local businesses
When COVID-19 hit in early 2020, local businesses were forced to close down in compliance with state regulations. Even now most businesses only allow a percentage of full capacity in order to do their part to keep the case count down.  As a result, the Alaska SeaLife Center, an accoladed non-profit research institution and public aquarium, put out a notice last month that based on current projections the Alaska SeaLife Center would have to close its doors by the end of summer. 
In July, ASLC called for $2 million in fundraising by September 30th, 2020 to prevent closure. Uniquely impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic, ASLC will not be able to maintain operations of the Center through the winter due to a lack of summer visitor revenues and faces permanent closure if these funds are not raised. Since then, the Seward community has rallied together to Save the Center. ASLC has received donations from children giving their lemonade stand proceeds, teenagers playing music for virtual fundraisers, Alaska’s talented artists banding together for an auction, and many restaurants (who are struggling themselves!) There is still time to donate and help ASLC reach their fundraising goal! Go to to make whatever contribution you can. 
Makers Auction
As mentioned above, Alaska's talented artists decided to band together to create Makers Auction to raise funds to save the Alaska SeaLife Center. On August 3rd, a live painting auction was held on Facebook to give participants an idea of how the two larger auctions on August 13th would proceed. All three auctions were hosted by artists Amanda Rose Warren and Christina Wilson and were conducted through Facebook to keep participants socially distanced. For the 13th Makers Auction there were over 46 Alaskan Makers with varying originals, prints, jewelry and artisan donations!
Below is a list of Makers who donated to the cause:
Amanda Rose Warren. Art
Christina Wilson art
Vintage Poppy
Amy Kruise Art
Birch Grove Studioes, Inc
Arctic Designs Co.
Crow Creek Designs
Annie’s Arts and Follies
Fire Hawk Designs
Denise Ekstrand
Nancie Lamson
Moss & Bloom
Lucas Elliot
Jennifer Sonne at Midnight Sonne Art
Aileen Joy
Ashley Bennet Custom Creations
Jennifer Daurity Photgraphy
Tiny Bird Studios
Tanners Alaskan Seafood
Cozy Mozy
Corso Graphics
Lala Bead Wrap Bracelets
Alaska Sealife Center -Mara’s Original
Fish Bird Teeth Studio
Knots and Knobs
Justine Pechuzal
Deb Lestenkof
Bennett Images
Tarryn Zerbinos
Crystal Jackson
Ellie Atchison
Danny J Creations
Danica Saunders
Beaver and Birch
Raeann The Artist
Monique Hall
Alaska Concrete Collection
Sienas Art
Tiny Nest Studio
Katie Mansfield Art
Alaska Wild and Free
Hibernation Textiles
Jennifer Euler Art
Firebreak Art
Denali Dreams
Meg Smith
Original artwork from the C
Seldovia Boardwalk Hotel
Seldovia Nature Tours
Jennifer Cameron
Valisa May Higman, Artist
Kristin Worman
Torri Huelskoetter
Mountain Tops Countertops
Granm's Attic
The bidders with the highest amounts at closing won artwork and helped a wonderful cause. Many of the participating artists work with FTT as well, and the Alaska SeaLife Center has been a close business partner for years. We wanted to highlight the support the Seward Community has shown for ASLC, and encourage those who can to donate. Save the Center!

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