Seward Artists in Schools Exhibit

Seward Artist in Schools Exhibit

We are so proud to present this Exhibit at FTT from March 4th- 28th. Each week, we will present new works from Seward School students ages 7-11 created while working with four local artists during Artists in Schools Residencies. These artists include Jenny Nakao (pottery), Justine Pechuzal (mix-media), Libby Ferrara (leather works) and Sea Ulman (literature). This program was made possible thanks to the generous support of the Seward Community Foundation and Seward PTA. A big thanks to J. Leslie and Tara Swanson for organizing this Residency program.

What is the Seward Artists in Schools Program?

This Program was created to foster education, understanding, and appreciation of the arts and humanities by promoting development of cultural opportunities, performances, instruction, and exhibits.

What is its mission?

The Mission of the Program is to introduce principles of art techniques and foster independent student practice through a combination of instruction and workshop sessions with professional artists. In addition, through these Residency Programs, they seek to create income opportunities for skilled, local artists. Finally, the Program seeks to inspire residents of all ages through the subsequent exhibits and performances of student art created during these Residency programs.

Come be inspired!

 Join us as we celebrate the arts and nurture the possibilities created when local artist work with our students. Not only does this make them better students but it makes our schools better. And this makes us better not only as individuals but as a community too. Together, we are always better.  

 Want to help?

 FTT will be collecting donations through the month of March to purchase much needed art supplies, equipment, and resources for Seward Schools. 100% of all collected donations will be used to bolster the Arts & Humanities programs at Seward Schools.  

Wish List items: stockpiles of lino cutters (linoleum cutters for block printing), block printing pads, high-quality paintbrushes and paints (watercolor and acrylic), sketch books/drawing journals, soft drawing pencils, and T-squares. If you wish to arrange to donate these specific materials, please email at


From the Artist:

Justine Pechuzal:


 "My art program with Mrs. Pfeiffenberger and Mrs. Mullaly's second grade students sampled different art history movements with a slideshow and art project. We started with Impressionism, painting lily pads and water in the style of French artist Claude Monet, then looked at the stained-glass masterpieces of American artist Louis Comfort Tiffany, and made our own 'stained glass' collages with painted paper.  Next, students learned about the French abstract painter Sonia Delauny and used oil pastels to draw circular geometric designs.  We ended with a lesson on African American painter Jacob Lawrence, famous for his vibrant street scenes of Harlem, recreated by students in mixed media.  I wasn't sure how teaching art to a large group over zoom would go but was impressed by the students' focus and enthusiasm. Their bright smiles, waves, and expressive art made my day."  


Libby Ferrara:

“My project with students was an introduction to working with vegetable tanned cowhide. Students each completed one of four functional projects: a wallet, card case, pencil bag or small shoulder bag. 

It was a little challenging especially given the zoom aspect, but I think it was very rewarding in the end! My goal was for students to get to make something they could use in their daily lives and I think that was accomplished. “


Sean Ulman:

“I taught creative writing workshops to both 5th grade classes in December and January. 

Students wrote a creative project - a story, essay, or poetry - that reflected on the special nature of Seward. 

They implemented writing techniques such as: sentence variety, sensory details, metaphors and dialogue. 

I was extremely impressed with the students' engaged levels of imagination, descriptive writing, work ethic and focus. Their ability to generate interesting material with smart instincts was a joy to be a part of. Many truly poetic moments were achieved through dedication to improve their manuscripts. 

These original pieces of writing were collected in a class book. 

I knew the key to this workshop reaching great heights would be the kids wanting to write. As an instructor I can motivate and introduce fun things, but in the end each student has to decide to write. And then decide to keep working on the art, to take pride in it. I believe that their hunger to write is evident in the dynamic range of these finished products.  “   


Jenny Nakao:

Stay Tuned- Class is in progress right now!


Program info:

If you would like to get more information about the program please feel free to contact Seward Artist in Schools Program organizers  Jason Leslie at or Tara Swanson at


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