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Each truly ‘one of a kind’ Raku piece is created in the extreme heat of 2,000 Fahrenheit and then plunged into a pit of wood and paper igniting an inferno that smolders overnight. Pieces that survive wear the iridescent colors of Raku. Artist Jeremy Diller’s Southwest heritage shows through in the designs and colors chosen. 

Each handcrafted Raku gift is fired in an outdoor kiln. Red hot, it is pulled from the kiln and placed into a pit with wood shavings. The intense heat ignites a blaze giving this Raku piece unique flashes of color, making each truly a one-of-a-kind gift. Artist Jeremy Diller's southwest heritage shines through in the designs and colors of all of our collection of Raku Pottery gifts.

Each of these unique hearts measures 2" and has a gemstone decoration. Raku Pottery is light sensitive and will fade if left in direct sunlight. Each piece is unique in design and colors and may not look like the photos, please contact us if you have any questions before purchasing this gift. Each heart is sold individually.