Chaga Tea


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Our Alaska Chaga tea is delicious and versatile. Much research is being done on the potential benefits of Chaga. Serve it hot or cold, alone or mixed with coffee, spices, or citrus. 

Chaga mushroom is well known as an immune system booster; much needed in times of uncertainty and stress.

Served hot or cold, chaga tea is delicious and energizing. We prefer it steeped strong to extract the maximum benefit, but it can also be lightly steeped as a flavorful and refreshing tea.

Try birch chaga chai using cinnamon, ginger and birch syrup, or mix with your morning coffee. My favorite local restaurant makes a wonderful cold citrus chaga, steeping it lightly and adding lemon, orange, and birched honey. The tea can be steeped once and re-used to steep again for a lighter brew. The 4 oz package make 2 gallons of a strong chaga tea or many cups of a light infusion. There are endless possibilities for good flavor, with the added benefit of good health!