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The “Alaska Gold” Experience

Every birch, cottonwood, poplar, aspen and willow tree was raging in shades of gold and yellow as my wife and I pulled into the frontier town of Talkeetna. It was September in Alaska and we were on the tail end of our annual fall colors & aurora hunt and there was gold in them thar hills! But the crown jewel, Mt. McKinley, lay partially veiled behind a layer of clouds. After a couple of days of waiting for the clouds to clear with no luck we headed south, homeward bound for Anchorage. In the gray skies the wind was whipping the leaves off the trees at an alarming rate signifying the end of the season was near.

Local photographer Todd Salat is known across Alaska for his photos of the aurora borealis, also known as the Northern Lights, as well as breath-taking Alaska landscapes.

Metal Prints
The inks are dye-infused onto a specially coated aluminum and sealed with a gemlike UV coating that is both water and scratch-resistant. And the archival quality is out of this world (think century plus).

A drop shipping charge is not included in the cost.

**Prints are made to order estimated delivery times are currently 4-6 weeks out.**