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Our Fence Post Wood Duck Sculpture Extra Large is a one-of-a-kind sculpture handcrafted from a rich piece of rugged American history. Because every fence post has its own past told in its grain, color, and shape, each fence post duck is completely unique in size, shape, and color.  This Large Fence Post Duck Sculpture manifests the artists' desire "to create something new from something that holds so much history" and makes a striking accent as well as a fascinating conversation starter for your home or office.

This is NOT a plastic reproduction.

  • Over 100 years ago, homesteaders along the Rocky Mountains staked out new land by planting juniper (cedar) fence posts around their property strung with barbed wire to contain cattle.
  • Invented by woodworker Wayne Murray and perfected by former liturgical sculptor Tim Bergren, each Fence Post Wood Duck is created from a genuine, juniper fence post recycled from early American West ranches.
  • Part historical artifact, part original work of art, a portion of each duck remains unfinished to reveal the quality, history, and texture of the original wood post set against the smooth, polished wood of the sculptural portion.
  • The juniper fence post wood (cedar) is naturally insect-repellent and weather-resistant
  • Pieces vary in color from deep red wood to honey-gold and blonde