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This is a 8" x 10" print of my original Fireweed herbarium specimen (pressed botanical) artwork. It was made from a high-resolution scan of the original and is printed on natural-colored, archival-quality, heavy-weight cardstock. It is available with or without a dark background.

The plant is fireweed / willow herb (Chamerion angustifolium) and features its striking raceme of purple flowres. It was found in its natural habitat in Oregon and was collected by a trained, degreed professional (see my personal profile). A complete collection label is included in the standard location at the bottom right corner of the front of the specimen adding to its scientific appeal.

In nature (before drying) these flowers are a bright magenta color. The flowers often reflect the sunlight in such a way that, from a distance, a plant swaying in the wind looks as though its flowers are a burning flame of fire! This species is in the Evening Primrose family (Onagraceae).