Frontiersman Red Bear Bell


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Bears want to stay away from humans but some encounters occur because they do not know you’re there until you’re too close. Frontiersman Bear Bells create noise as you walk and can help to make your presence known to nearby bears so as not to startle them on hikes, helping to avoid aggressive bear encounters. The durable Velcro strap makes the bell highly portable and easily attaches to bags, belts, shoes and more! A magnetic silencer allows you to silence the bear bell; you do not need to remove the bell from bags and gear when sound is not desired. Frontiersman Bear Bells are sleek and come in many different colors. Attach multiple bear bells to your gear to increase the noise for an even louder sound deterrent. For even greater safety on hikes, be sure to carry a bear spray deterrent, like our famous Frontiersman Bear Spray, to provide protection at a safe distance should you encounter a bear in the wild. Developed by SABRE, the #1 pepper spray brand trusted by police and consumers worldwide with over 45 years of experience in the personal safety category.