Grizzly Bear Cork Coaster

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About GrafixMat Coasters:

Each GrafixMat® is a work of art, masterfully laser-engraved on the cork front with a unique and amusing story colorfully illustrated on its flip-side. For a treasured gift or your own personal collection; select one or create a set of 2, 4, 6 or more from 21 themed Collections totaling more than 500 contemporary and fine art designs. Made from eco-friendly recycled cork from Portugal and Spain, yet handcrafted in the U.S.A. GrafixMats® are so artfully designed and intriguing, we've created a hanging hole in the back of each coaster.

All Natural • Durable • Easy Wash • Singles or Sets • Storage Caddies • 4 1/4" Diameter, 5/16" Thick • Green Certified

Front Design:

Paw Prints of Grizzly Bear

The Back Story:

Grizzly Bear Tracks

The grizzly bear and the black bear leave tracks that are very similar. They differ mostly in size. Although, a large black bear print and a small grizzly print can be indistinguishable. The black bear has a padded heel on the front paw, but it usually does not show in a footprint. The claws of the grizzly are generally much longer, sometimes approaching four inches in length. Their claws can wear down, though, increasing the resemblance to the black bear.