Walrus Ivory Eskimo Artifact Knife


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Ivory Jacks exclusive Alaskan Upswept collection, James Behring made fixed blade knives, features made in the US hand forged 01 tool anodized steel, copper accents, and a genuine fossil walrus ivory eskimo artifact handle.

This exclusive collection is featured in the July 2020 military issue of Blade Magazine. 

Our artifact harpoon heads are found by Siberian Yupik inhabitants of Saint Lawrence Island, Alaska and were originally used for whaling. Each artifact is an extraordinarily rare, one of a kind piece of historical art. Artifacts are a minimum of 400 years and up to thousands of years old.

Knife measures approximately 11” long.

Includes a hand tooled and custom made Warlander leather sheath and zippered nylon carrying case.

*Each knife is handmade which makes them all unique. Please email or call us to set up a virtual shopping trip with us so you can see exactly what we currently have in stock.