Mammoth Ivory Bracelet


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Stunning prehistoric woolly mammoth ivory bead bracelets are beautiful worn singly or stacked. Mammoth beads are a perfect and eco conscious “pearl replacement”, and many love to wear our mammoth head bracelets and necklaces as a neutral wedding accessory. Prehistoric woolly mammoth ivory is also the traditional 14th wedding anniversary gift.

Mammoth ivory is found in Alaska, Canada, Russia, or Siberia, and can range in age from 10,000 to 200,000 years. Colors may vary in shades of tan, cream, and brown. 

Stretch bracelets fit an average size women’s wrist approximately 6.5-7”. 

Listing is for one bracelet.

Bead sizes:

  • X-SMALL 5mm X 36 beads
  • SMALL     6mm X 30 beads 
  • SM/MED 7mm X 26 beads
  • MEDIUM  8mm X 23 beads
  • LARGE     10mm X 18 beads
  • X LARGE  12mm X 16 beads