Secondhand Summer


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It's the summer of 1965 in Alaska. Fourteen-year-old Sam Barger's life changes forever when his father dies ad his family is force to move from a remote homestead and fishing camp to the Big City. In Anchorage, Sam explores a new and different kind of wilderness: cars and girls, poverty and diversity. Sam's city friends urge him into reckless adventure, but also vandalism, petty theft, and trespassing. When the boys discover an abandoned nightclub, it fires Sam's imagination and leads him into dangers he never expected. 

Can Sam survive the wilds of Anchorage?

Dan L. Walker is a homesteaders' son who grew up to become a teacher and a writer. He was named Teacher of the Year for Alaska in 1999. Dan shares life on a lake near Seward, Alaska, with his college sweetheart and muse, Madelyn.