Totemic Eagle Medallion


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This coin design is a collaboration between Gunnar, here at the mint, and Steffani Coxwell. Steffani is a Tsimshian Alaska Native artist that lives in Soldotna, AK on the Kenai Peninsula. It features a totemic eagle or “Ch’aak” in the Tlingit language in Southeast Alaska. Eagle is a symbol of power and prestige and is, in many respects, Raven’s opposite. In traditional Tlingit culture, persons must marry opposites: Ravens to Eagles, Eagles to Ravens.

This medallion is minted in pure copper, 1 oz .999 fine silver, 1 oz single gold relief (24k plating on part of the silver coin) and 1 oz. double gold relief (24k gold plating on both sides). The 1 oz medallion is similar in size to a silver dollar. They are packaged in an airtight container and handsome gift box. The reverse is our Land of the Midnight Sun design.