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*Please note these earrings are hand made, so each pair is different. If your not able to shop with us in person to see these gorgeous earrings please schedule a virtual shopping trip with us. We can show you what we have over the phone using video chat. 

All drop earrings feature nickel free sterling silver ear wires and the post earrings are nickel free surgical steel. Handcrafted in the USA! 

The glass we use in our jewelry is called dichroic glass. The glass was first developed for scientific applications such as lasers and space mirrors. Vaporized metal oxides are deposited on the glass in microscopically thin layers. The brilliant colors are produced from light being reflected just like what occurs in a rainbow or a dragonfly wing.

We've worked with glass since 1976, but we started experimenting with dichroic glass a little over a decade ago and we've been at it ever since. There's an amazing amount of steps in creating every single piece of jewelry.  Each piece is handled many times and there is no machine that can make our glass. We fire the glass to over 1400 degrees several times in order to achieve the right effect. Each firing can take up to 12 hours from start to finish. When the sheet of glass is cool enough, we cut the shapes with diamond tools, polish the glass, match the earrings by the patterns we see, and complete the design. It's a lot of steps and we do it by hand, but the results are worth it. It's like capturing lightning in a bottle and every time we open the kiln it's a new surprise.

Created in Leicester, NC, USA

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Lost earring

I bought Alaskan made earrings at the Anchorage airport and lost one recently. I searched for the designer and came across this gift shop. They had the earrings I was looking for. The earrings arrived as expected and I was also given a 10% off coupon.

DB, we're so sorry to hear that you lost your original pair, but we're so glad that you found us! Thank you for supporting our small business here in Seward, AK, and for leaving a review -- it means a lot! We hope you have a great autumn. Thanks and be well, FTT Family

Sarah Attia
"Captivating Earrings: A Glimpse of Alaska's Enchantment and the Sky's Magic!" 🌌✨

The dichroic glass in these earrings is absolutely mesmerizing! Its vibrant colors make it feel like you're gazing at the sky, witnessing the magic of the northern lights. Truly a breathtaking piece of art! Not only are these earrings stunning, but they also hold a special significance. With each wear, you carry a piece of Alaska's beauty and the enchantment of the northern lights with you. It's like having a little slice of Alaska right by your side! 🌌✨

Wow, Sarah, we couldn't have put it better ourselves!! Thank you for taking the time to leave a review, we really appreciate it, and are so pleased to hear that you are loving your Triangle Post Earrings! Thanks for supporting our small business here in Seward, AK! Wishing you all the best, FTT Fam