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Next Level Waterproof Protection in Cold Weather
A heavy-duty, premium waterproof glove, the Waterproof Cold Weather Work Glove with Fusion Control™ will keep you dry and comfortable during any kind of cold and wet weather. Wet and cold hands can lead to numbness, blisters, and worse. Sealskinz Waterproof Cold Weather Work Gloves with Fusion Control™ will keep you warm, protected, and dry during any wet weather activity.

Ideal for a Wide Range of Cold Weather Activities
A perfect choice for outdoor activities where warmth, dexterity, and protection are needed, the Waterproof Cold Weather Work Glove with Fusion Control™ is ideal for heavy outdoor work on brisk and damp days, ski touring, and mountaineering when you'll encounter wet and cold weather.

Revolutionary Fusion Control™ Technology
Equipped with our patented, 'first-of-it's-kind' Fusion Control™ technology, these gloves are a workhorse combination of unique breathability and unmatched dexterity in a 100% water-and-windproof glove. Discover precise control and zero risk of liner slippage or pull out.

Unmatched Dexterity in a Waterproof Work Glove
The unique bonding process sandwiches a 100% waterproof hydrophilic membrane securely between a Merino wool inner and a goatskin leather outer shell, allowing for a closer-to-skin fit that provides you with high dexterity and range of movement as well as a significant improvement in grip.

Extremely Breathable
Particularly noteworthy is the unmatched breathability of the hydrophilic waterproof membrane to release perspiration steam and warm air from inside the glove. This creates a high level of comfort for the wearer, improved with an innovative 'open mesh' bonding process that allows for maximum moisture transfer out of the glove while still keeping the three layers secured as one.

Thoughtfully Designed
The premium goatskin leather outer liner provides a durable exterior while a Merino wool inner liner keeps you warm, comfortable, and dry. A reinforced goatskin leather palm and soft localized padding over the knuckles give this glove a rugged, yet durable look and feel.

Innovative Fusion Control™ technology bonds the liner and outer shell to a unique hydrophilic membrane creating a 100% waterproof fabric with unmatched breathability. This also eliminates any movement between layers and enables the glove to fit much closer to the skin which provides:
  • High dexterity and wide range of movement
  • Significant improvement in grip
  • Precise control between the glove and equipment
  • Zero risk of liner pull-out or slippage
  • Unmatched thermal regulation and moisture control
  • Touchscreen compatible for easy smartphone use

Our 100% waterproof Fusion Control™ gloves are constructed using premium materials and by bonding three layers together to make one highly waterproof and breathable glove:

  • Outer Lining - Goatskin Leather and Softshell
  • Palm - Reinforced Goatskin Leather Palm
  • Middle Layer - 100% Hydrophilic Membrane
  • Inner Layer - Merino Wool
Fusion Control™ Care

• Spot Clean
• Do Not Machine Wash, Tumble Dry, Dry Clean, or Iron

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